We are proud of our recovery rate when it comes to missing persons investigations.

We start our investigation with an interview of our reporter / complainant. We then dispatch
a team of detectives to begin interviews and uncover leads where the missing person was
last seen. Another investigator in our office begins checks of nationwide databases that
could lead to the missing person's whereabouts. We will go wherever the investigation leads us. We have no limitations and no regular hours. No one will impede us from obtaining our


Female - age 56 - missing 6 years
A family who had no contact from a loved one in over six years contacted 1st Class Investigations. The woman’s mother had passed away and left her some money.

The missing woman was known to be transient, sometimes homeless, in the New York City area. Detectives from 1st Class located the woman in five days. After a thorough investigation it was determined that the woman had received a summons three years earlier and used a particular address. After running the address through one of our comprehensive databases it was determined that the owner of the home owned a business. The missing woman was found working at the business.

Female - age 16 - runaway
1st Class Investigations was contacted by a New Jersey family in regards to a teenage runaway. After interviewing the family 1st Class decided to focus the search around the east village area in NYC. Within 24 hours the missing person was found in Tompkins Square Park and returned home.

Male - age 16 - runaway
1st Class Investigations was contacted on a Sunday evening about a runaway male. After interviewing the family and friends 1st Class Detectives determined the boy had boarded a bus for Miami Florida the previous day. 1st Class detectives obtained the bus number and route and immediately flew to Florida. At a stop in Central Florida the bus was boarded and the teen was observed sitting in the first row of the bus. He was returned to his family.

Female - age 19 - missing
A NJ family contacted 1st Class Investigations after discovering their daughter had dropped out of college and cut off communication with them. 1st Class Detectives located the young woman in two (2) days. It was determined that she was overwhelmed with school and dropped out. The young woman found a job and moved in with friends.

Male - age 25 - No contact for 22 years
A female contacted 1st Class and stated she and her brother were separated 22 years ago when they were toddlers and sent to live with family members in different states. The families had lost contact. She finally decided to find her brother. After trying all sorts of internet searches with negative results she contacted
1st Class Investigations. Two (2) hours later she was speaking to her brother on the phone and discovered both were living in adjoining states in he southwest.


A woman from Georgia contacted 1st Class Investigations and stated her husband would be in New York on business and staying at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. The woman had suspicions that he was meeting another woman. 1st Class Detectives set up at The Waldorf Astoria and waited for him to arrive. The man arrived with a woman and checked in. 1st Class Detectives captured video of the couple over the course of the weekend enjoying dinner, window shopping, holding hands and kissing on a NY street. The couple was followed back to the airport on Sunday where they were videoed getting out of a cab together, checking in and going thru security together. The wife's suspicions was confirmed.

A man contacted 1st Class Investigations and stated he believed his wife was having an affair with her boss. The man often traveled on business. The man informed his wife he would be away for a week. On the first night of surveillance the couple was observed leaving work in separate cars. The couple was followed to a mall where they left the male’s car and drove off in the woman’s car. The couple was followed back to the client’s home. The client returned to the home where we called for a police escort to avoid violence. The client and the Police Officer entered he home and found both in bed.

CASE # 3
A man suspected his wife of infidelity and contacted 1st Class Investigations. The wife had told her husband she was going away for a few days with her girlfriends. Shortly after the man left for work the wife left with an overnight bag. The woman entered a taxi and the taxi was followed. The taxi stopped at a train station where the woman exited the cab. A man immediately greeted her with a hug and kiss. The two walked a few blocks to a hotel where they went straight to the elevator. After two (2) hours the couple emerged wearing different clothes. The couple was then followed to the South Street Seaport in New York City where they enjoyed lunch and took a boat ride. After a long day they were followed back to the hotel for the night. 1st Class Detectives captured all events on video.


Male - age 20
A family believed their son had been the victim of a Homicide although the death had been declared a suicide. The family
contacted 1st Class Investigations. After a through investigation and construction of a psychological profile of the young man, 1st Class Detectives determined that the death was accidental. The evidence was presented to the Medical Examiner who changed the classification of the death. This was some relief for the family who did not want this young man’s death to be forever categorized as a suicide.