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Free information resource about cooping and managing your divorce separation, children custody, help with divorce law and divorce attorney
Divorce and family mediation and mediation training
Coast To Coast offers mediation services in San Diego, including divorce mediation, prenuptial agreements, and marriage contracts. We provide mediation training worldwide. We originated the attorney-therapist team approach to mediation. We also serve La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, and Carlsbad.
Dallas divorce lawyer providing divorce, child custody, and community property information for Texans
Dallas divorce attorney provides free legal tips for the people of Dallas and the State of Texas to find divorce, child custody, and community property information
Dallas Divorce Lawyer Attorney
Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys in Dallas, Texas. One of the best Divorce and Family Law sites written by Dallas divorce lawyers and Famiy Law attorneys to help you get the information you need for your divorce or family law case.. Disusses divorce, child, custody, support, community, property, modification and support enforcement issues
Darn Divorce
Darn Divorce
Denver Divorce Lawyer - Arapahoe County Family Law & Adoption Attorney - Colorado - CO
The Denver, Colorado, family law attorneys at the Law Firm of David Littman, P.C., are committed to helping families dealing with emotional and financial matters associated with divorce.
Davison Law Offices
Davison Law Offices
Deciding on Divorce - Should I get a divorce?
Divorce - decide whether you should get a divorce or stay married. Proven steps to deciding
DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy, P.C. - Attorneys at Law
DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy, P.C., one of Southern Arizona's largest law firms, offers a full range of legal services to individual, business and governmental clients.
Denton County, Texas lawyer/attorney for divorce & Family Law
We are a Denton County, Texas law firm handling divorces, adoptions, and family law. We have three convenient Denton County, Texas offices; in Lewisville, The Colony, and Little Elm, Texas
Divorce 123: California divorce, family law information. Child custody, child/spousal support. Books, services, more.
Divorce 123, California divorce and family law information including child custody, child support, spousal support, other divorce issues. Includes books, divorce kit, services, articles, discussion, resources. User-friendly and informative.
Divorce and Child Support
Advice and information about divorce, child support and child custody issues from experts and professionals in your area.
DIVORCE ASSIST - - Helping You to Become a Winner Again
DIVORCE ASSIST - - Helping You to Become a Winner Again
Divorce Attorney, Lawyer, Houston, Texas
Call our divorce attorney for family law and child support issues from an aggressive lawyer. Our law office is located in Houston, Texas.
Divorce Choices - community and professional divorce support programs and information......
Divorce Choices provides a better understanding of the different ways that you can avoid the court process in your divorce. By avoiding court, you have a better chance of preserving your family's privacy, dignity, and financial resources. Divorce professionals to help you in your area.
Divorce Conflict Solutions – Child Custody Counseling
Divorce Conflict Solutions, Madison, WI, provides mediation & counseling for divorced parents in conflict about child custody and placement
Divorce Advice - Divorce Record - Divorce Lawyers - Divorce Laws - Online Divorce Home A Divorce Ends a Marriage, Not a Family January 9, 2009 -13:11 - effects of divorce By : Team X Because getting a divorce ends a marriage, but not a family, some divorcing spouses with children are investing in couple therapy. Possible outcomes of the therapy range from consistent parenting between households to cordial relations between parents. Imagine the positive ways your child would benefit from having divorced parents appear together at ball games or gymnastics events. Doing so in a cordial manner would allay fears of arguments when parents get together or what can be worse non-verbal tension. One of the biggest challenges with such couples comes from the level of anger stemming from months, years, or even decades of dissonance. In this type of couple therapy, we first need to develop trust between the three people in the room. This typically takes time, and only when trust is there can the most significant progress be made. This leads to the question of what you can do to increase the odds that the couple therapy goes smoothly. Read the complete story Permalink - 0 Comments Children's divorce fears 'go up' January 5, 2009 -15:29 - divorce and children By : Team X There is likely to be a sharp rise in the number of children seeking help with the pain of their parents' separations, ChildLine has warned. The phone counselling service says more than one child a day calls the hotline because of arguments at home. More couples are expected to contact lawyers about a divorce on Monday than at any other time.The charity said parents should reassure their children, many of whom will be "scared and bewildered".Financial pressures caused by the economic downturn and looming recession are likely to put further pressure on marriages. 'Confusion' ChildLine boss Sue Minto said: "Divorcing parents can be overwhelmed by feelings like anger, sadness, and helplessness."This often makes it hard to focus on the wishes and needs of scared and bewildered children whose lives are about to be turned upside down. Read the complete story Permalink - 0 Comments Can Economy Also be Blamed for More Divorces? January 3, 2009 -17:28 - effects of divorce - TIPS By : Team X Do tough economic times put extra strain on marriage? The experts say 'yes.' While therapists and counselors say business is up thanks to our sagging economy, some divorce attornies say their phones have also been ringing with a lot of questions.So, how are things going here in Arkansas? The Natural State already has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, only Nevada is higher on the list. A North Little Rock attorney we spoke with says while things are usually quiet in his office the month of December, Arkansans are bucking the trend this year. Boasting one of the highest marriage rates in the country, people in Arkansas are obviously eager to "have and to hold for better or for worse." But unfortunately, some Arkansans aren't sticking to the "as long as we both shall live" part of the deal. The divorce rate in the United States is 3.6 out of every thousand people. But in Arkansas, that number jumps to 6.1. Attorney Sam Hilburn says divorce proceedings are never easy, and he's been busier than usual in recent past. Read the complete story Permalink - 0 Comments Happy 2009: Get A Divorce! January 2, 2009 -14:57 - By : Team X New Years can inspire many things. Like a fresh start and sticking to your resolutions. But for some, one of those resolutions is ditching your spouse. According to lawyers in the UK, January is the most popular month for couples to split up. Divorce attorneys say January is the busiest month for divorce filings. This is because most couples don’t want to spoil the holidays for their family and because the new year does invoke the idea of new beginning. Legal experts are expecting a record number of separating spouses in the new year as the rising. Unemployment rate and the crumbling housing market puts relationships under greater strain. Most of the filings happening on January 12, D-Day or Divorce Day, because it’s the Monday after their kids go back to school. Talk about a way to ring in the new year. Permalink - 0 Comments Divorce Kills More Than Marriage December 31, 2008 -18:01 - divorce and children - effects of divorce By : Team X We were all inseparable, like in a Rat Pack, "St. Elmo's Fire" kinda way. Jane, Anna and I went through high school together - friends for life, or so we thought.Anna married her high school sweetheart, the one Jane and I came to think of as a brother, another best friend. Of course, this meant his friends would tag along with us everywhere we went as well, we a traveling party pack - best friends for life.We were the constant in each other's lives, through college,careers and having our kids. We were no longer friends, but an extended family who planned on raising our children together, celebrating holidays together and growing old together. When my husband and I decided to leave the city so we could raise our kids in a house with a big backyard and trees, we thought we were so lucky to find one just three houses down from Anna and her husband. Jane lived a mere five minutes away with her husband. How lucky we all felt. How fantastic that we would grow old together. Read the complete story Permalink - 0 Comments Divorce rate among young families of Azerbaijan is 10-11% December 29, 2008 -14:48 - BRACKUP By : Team X Baku, Fineko/abc.az. A roundtable on public discussion of Bill on Reproductive Health & Family Planning has been held in Azerbaijan. During the meeting Aynur Sofiyeva, deputy chairman of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children, said that according to statistics, 50-60% of young families in European countries divorce. “In Azerbaijan divorce rate among the young families is stable 10-11%,” she added.In the course of debates it was voiced a range of proposals on the theme.“In different countries of the world there is relevant legislation on reproduction health and family planning. Read the complete story Permalink - 0 Comments 5 Simple Steps: Divorce insomnia December 25, 2008 -14:52 - TIPS By : Team X A strong offshore earthquake affected parts of Mindanao on Christmas day. Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) chief Dr. Rene Solidum told radio dzMM Thursday that a 6.1 magnitude earthquake affected parts of General Santos City, Kidapawan, Cotababo City, and Davao City at 11:20 a.m.. The earthquake was intensity 5 in General Santos City. Based on the Phivolcs Earthquake Intensity Scale (PEIS), intensity 5 means it is "generally felt by most people indoors and outdoors." There is "strong shaking and rocking felt throughout a building" and "hanging objects swing violently." Under the PEIS, intensity 10 is completely devastating and intensity 1 is scarcely perceptible. Solidum said he does not expect “significant damage” due to the earthquake but said there will likely be aftershocks. He said the earthquake was 85 kilometers off General Santos City and 184 kilometers below the surface. Read the complete story Permalink - 0 Comments Credit crunch cutting divorce rates as couples stay together December 23, 2008 -14:41 - TIPS By : Team X The global financial crisis is forcing couples to stay together, leading to a significant drop in divorce.Married couples have realised that it is far cheaper to stay together rather than get divorce- that''s when they can''t stand each other. Circuit courts across the country have reported downturns in the number of divorce and separation filings. A 5 percent decrease in filings, which is about 600 cases, has been seen in Cook County''s Circuit Court in Chicago in the first three quarters of 2008, compared to the same period last year. A similar drop rate was also reported in other cities across the country.A poll by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers surveyed its members, who were all divorce lawyers.And the findings of the poll revealed that 37 percent of divorce lawyers have seen a decrease in the number of couples seeking a divorce, while just 19 percent saw an increase in divorce cases. Read the complete story Permalink - 0 Comments The Effects of Divorce on Children December 22, 2008 -18:41 - divorce and children By : Team X Legal divorce – is the lawful end of your marriage where you are allowed to remarry.Economic divorce involves the splitting of assets i.e.: money and property.Co-parental divorce – is a type of divorce where both parents agree to support their child even though they no longer have spousal support for each other. Common effects of divorce on children are psychological problems, poor intellectual development and affected parent-child relationships.Psychological Effects The psychological effects of divorce on children can affect children as young as 6 years of age. Young children can develop anxiety disorders where they experience online training course fear of being abandoned. Their feelings of isolation and sadness can also manifest through other problems such as eating disorders. Read the complete story Permalink - 0 Comments When Billionaires Divorce December 18, 2008 -15:00 - BRACKUP By : Team X Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you're a billionaire.Nine-figure settlements, yachts and private planes are de rigueur when the world's richest end their marriages.Plunging stock markets and the credit crisis have famously stripped many billionaires of their hard-earned fortunes this year. But a select few are getting their net worths clipped in a more traditional way: divorce.In November, Slavica Ecclestone, wife of Formula One founder Bernie Ecclestone, made headlines when she moved out of the family home in London and filed for divorce. The British racing billionaire put an undisclosed amount of his $3.7 billion fortune in an offshore account in Jersey under his wife's name. The strategy was good for minimising taxes and a safe bet on a 23-year union. Read the complete story Permalink - 0 Comments Older Entries Search Advertisements Enter your email address to receive updates. Gossips » BRACKUP : (51) » divorce and children : (42) » effects of divorce : (101) » TIPS : (25) Recent Posts » A Divorce Ends a Marriage, Not a Family » Children's divorce fears 'go up' » Can Economy Also be Blamed for More Divorces? » Happy 2009: Get A Divorce! » Divorce Kills More Than Marriage » Divorce rate among young families of Azerbaijan is 10-11% » 5 Simple Steps: Divorce insomnia » Credit crunch cutting divorce rates as couples stay together » The Effects of Divorce on Children » When Billionaires Divorce » Avoid the agony of divorce this Christmas » Children real victims of credit crunch claims Rowan Williams » Avoiding A Nasty Divorce » Whats A Divorce Got to Do with Your Mortgage Refinance? » Thierry Henry 'pays wife 8m divorce settlement' Site Navigation » Contact Us » Send Us Tips HOT Topics » Madonna to stay in UK despite divorce » Jemima Khan's divorce from Imran Khan to be detailed in new book » Divorce overseas: ten steps to protect your children » Denise Richards Denies Role in Sambora, Locklear Divorce » "Am I The Only One Whose Parents Are Divorced?" 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The latest news about and gossips about divorce advice and divorce records
Divorce Finance Colorado - CBIZ Colorado
Information about divorce planning, financial analysis, forensic accounting, business valuation and taxes for clients facing marital dissolution in Colorado
David Bulitt - Divorce Lawyer Maryland, Trial Attorney Maryland
Divorce lawyer Maryland, David Bulitt, hire the right divorce lawyer for your needs, visit and bookmark our site today.
Diane Neumann & Associates: Divorce Mediation Services
Diane Neumann & Associates: Divorce Mediation Services
Divorce Mediation Group
Confidential and complete mediation services for the divorcing couple
Carlsbad, California Divorce, Family Law Specialist
Law office of Anne Howard: family law, North County divorce lawyer, San Diego divorce attorney, guardianship attorney, Carlsbad family lawyer
Resource for Divorce. Divorce support, divorce law, divorce lawyers, divorce and children, uncontested divorce, devorce settlement, divorse mediation.
Divorce & Remarriage - Scripture in Context
Divorce, remarriage, neglect, abuse, Bible
Denver Colorado Divorce Lawyer-Mediator Lawrence F. King - Resolutions™, & Divorce Resolutions® LLC - Boulder-Denver, Colorado Divorce & Family Mediation
Colorado divorce lawyer-mediator Lawrence F. King, J.D. offers affordable mediation of Colorado divorce, family law and parenting disputes, with offices in Denver, Colorado.
Divorce & Stepfamily Support, Resources & Consultation
A website offering consultation, support and training to those dealing with separation, divorce, single parenting and family issues.
Discussion Forum
Discover Answers to Legal Questions, Connect To Those Who Have Had Same Situations, Post Questions & Answers or Just Your Experiences
Divorce Advice And Marriage Advice - Equality in Marriage Institute
The Equality in Marriage Institute exists to provide free information, resources and support for women and men before, during and after marriage.
Divorce and custody choices with alternative and collaborative dispute resolution approaches Ohio
Divorce and custody choices with alternative and collaborative dispute resolution approaches Ohio
Divorce & Incorporation Online: Incorporation, Divorce & Legal Documents - LegalAce
Divorce, Incorporation, and other Legal Documents online. Find easy to fill out forms online for Divorce, Incorporation, Forming an LLC, Trademarks, Copyrights, and many other Legal Documents.
Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Lakeville MN - Eagan Child Support Attorney - Burnsville Minnesota Custody
Burnsville family law attorney Merlyn Meinerts offers a free initial consultation.
Divorce & Family Mediation
Mediation is a problem solving process where an impartial third party assists and helps you to reach an agreement that would be the fairest to both of you. Mediation works successfully for many divorcing families.
Divorce Advice, Family Law
Divorce and family law information, attorney directory, blog and support forums
Divorce Attorney - Divorce Attorneys - Divorce Lawyer - Divorce Lawyers
If you are looking for a divorce attorney as well as divorce attorneys, a divorce lawyer and divorce lawyers, please review our website. If you are also looking for family divorce attorneys that practices divorce law, please review our website. If you are also looking for a family lawyer, please review our website for more information.
Divorce Advice-Divorce Advice For Women-Women And Divorce
Divorce Advice For Women,How To Get A Divorce
Dallas Family Law Lawyer Dallas Divorce Attorney Texas Lawyer
Dallas family law attorneys Anderson, Anderson & Anderson provide experienced legal representation for Dallas Texas including divorce, child custody, complex property division, criminal and family law.
Divorce and Separation - Free Support, Information and Advice
Completely FREE: Divorce and separation guides, legal advice, support forums, chat rooms, maintenance calculator, solicitor directory and court forms...


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