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Why would you hire an investigator?

To find people you’ve lost track of

To find classmates

To locate a cellphone owner

To locate a missing relative

1st Class Investigations helps people locate lost family.


Locating missing people


Locating missing persons is very tedious and time consuming work. Running into hurdles and dead ends can deter anyone without the right connections and resources. Through our experience in finding people, 1st Class Investigations utilize the most current tactics, search the current databases, ask the right questions and get the best information in finding the person you are looking for.


Background Investigations

Conducting a personal background check is becoming a prudent and necessary fact of life. After all, it is better to err on the side of paranoia than to be truly sorry in the long run. Background checks include in-depth investigations of a certain individual focusing on a certain facet of their character.


Pre-employment Screening - Our agents will verify dates of employment, title and job description, responsibilities and duties, strengths and weaknesses, attitudes, trustworthiness and reasons for their leaving. In today’s lawsuit saturated business world, it is important to be fully informed when you hire someone to an important part of your organization.


Pre-relationship / pre-marital background check - 1st Class Investigations will conduct a thorough background investigation on the person you plan on sharing a long term relationship with. We will confirm who they say they are by digging through civil court records, county records and public records. You will get piece of mind when you are sure the person you have chosen is the person they claim they are.


Tenant screening background check - knowing the kind of person you are allowing to live on your property is important. We’ve all heard of nightmare stories of trouble tenants who don’t pay on time, who are loud and obnoxious and destroy private property. Our background investigations resources will help you choose the best candidate by confirming important information for your decisions.


1st Class Investigations has been recognized as one of the best NY private investigator firms, based on the experience, professionalism, and ethics of its dedicated agents. We have helped clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and around the country including the communities in Westchester, Rockland, Fairfield counties and New York City.


If you are looking for an experienced Private Investigation agency, call us today to schedule a consultation. We are confident you will be satisfied with our professional service.


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